Tapdesk Unveils Cutting-Edge Resource for Email Marketing


Tapdesk Campaigns

Tapdesk campaigns feature introduces a whole new and easy way to communicate with the people that matter most to your business - your potential customers. It truly defines what an all-in-one CRM system should be, do, and accomplish. Tapdesk Campaigns is an advanced system that gives you and your business the freedom to send bulk emails to your customers and stakeholders. Email marketing is changing and transforming business metrics. Certainly, with the most advanced tools at your command, you can also reap the rewards. Tapdesk Campaigns is designed with cutting-edge features that can be leveraged to build and track high conversion, marketing strategy campaigns. From engagement data like open rate and click rates to advanced, flexible, and easy to use email editors, Tapdesk Campaigns truly revolutionalizes and transforms your major communication channels and allows you to take charge of your successful startup or existing business.

Introducing our all-new email design

Tapdesk Campaigns provides you with the most elegant email editor that helps you create visually stunning emails that will meet your market needs. Our email editor is designed to create responsive emails that appear uniformly similar across different devices and major mail clients. With tons of one-click premade blocks and snippets, you can let your imagination run wild and be rest assured that Tapdesk campaigns will deliver your emails for your small business in the same format, style, and design you created them.

Email editor

Designing your email campaigns has never been easier to do. Our newly designed interface takes the hard work out of the equation. It is the roadmap to gaining more customers as it is very easy to use and navigate the email editor. It is super intuitive and you have several editing tools to build the best email marketing for your first time or large-scale business and follow up with your existing clients.

Tapdesk email editor demo gif

Advanced email editor
For design excellence

With so many beautiful templates, assets, personalization tools and premade blocks to select from. Create emails that show your customer you truly care.

Email templates

We’ve curated a lot of professional templates that you can choose from for your marketing strategy. Our pre-installed templates have been tested and proven by industry-leading product managers for effectiveness and conversion potential. So when you use any of them, you have the assurance of data-driven research from real product management experts who leverage email marketing every day. Even more, you can create as many templates as you want and share them within your workspace for your CRM team to also have access to all the beautiful designs.

Tapdesk email templates

Email templates
Select. Edit. Send.

Choose from a wide selection of stunning templates. Better yet, build one for your customers. Reuse them and share them across your workspace. It's incredibly easy.

Personalized email campaigns

At the core of Tapdesk CRM is our need to improve and elevate the relationships businesses have with their customers. This has driven us to build the best email marketing tool that gives you the complete ability to communicate with your co-founders and customers on a personal level. We’ve made it all so easy to do by simply selecting the required placeholder. You can personalize emails with your customer’s first name, their social media account details (Linkedin), last name or full name. Along with other numerous placeholders, your emails are guaranteed to feel more personal than ever and appeal more to your customers.

Take full control of your campaigns

Campaign overview

Fundamental to the campaign feature is the campaign overview tab. Campaign overview provides a doorway to the performance of your email marketing campaigns. It houses a performance graph that presents a visual representation of all the performance of your campaign efforts. Most importantly, it lets you know whether you have created a good product. It allows you to see how well your account is doing in general and how your customers are responding to your email campaigns (using positive reviews). By providing a summary of the engagement activities across all your campaigns, it gives you the ability to make a general yet concise and directed decision on your online and offline marketing efforts.

Recent activities provide quick and detailed insight on the recent actions that your recipients took on your campaign. From unsubscribes to opens and clicks, these actions are tracked, organized, and presented to you by Tapdesk AI to aid your business decision making process. We believe that by designing a system that provides you with consumer behavior in real-time is essential in driving your sales process forward. It will get word about your new product and business services out there. Campaign overview also holds your recent campaigns and recent templates. This ensures that it is easy to pick up where you left off.

All campaigns

The All Campaigns tab is perhaps the most important part of Tapdesk’s email marketing. It holds all your campaigns and includes tools that allow you to manipulate, create, and publish new ones. All your campaigns are listed in rows with each holding information about their current status and statics about their overall performances as well. For already sent campaigns, the email metrics and analytics from that campaign is shown when the campaign’s row is clicked. This also includes a list of users that have clicked the links in your email and those that have opened and read them. This allows you to retarget customers that are continually engaged in your marketing process and drop those who are not from your list.

Tapdesk all campaigns view

All Campaigns.
Stored in one place.

Keep track of past, present and future campaigns conveniently. Manage them easily and get quick insights on their performance at a glance.

To get the most accurate performance of your campaigns, we’ve built a tracking system that provides real-time data including open rates, click rates, and numerous other metrics that give you a clear and comprehensive view throughout the timeline of your campaigns. Precisely, it is essential to measure your marketing key performance indicators (KPI’s). Now, you can make guided data-driven decisions about your customers, products, offerings, and business model with more confidence.

Email automation lets you automatically schedule emails to be sent out to your email list without worries. With our upcoming Flows feature, you can choose pre-selected triggers that will automatically send emails to your customers based on their behavior and model of interaction with your business.

Pro Tips. From our engineering team.

  • Clear your cache if you have any problems using the new features. To learn more about clearing your browser cache, check out this Kinsta knowledge base article here. It provides step by step instructions on how to clear your cache on all major and popular browsers.
  • If you have any questions on how to use the features or experience issues using the features, you can contact our support by submitting a support ticket from the support page in Tapdesk.
Tapdesk Campaigns and Contact Groups will be available to Tapdesk users in the US, Canada, and the UK starting today. General availability in all other regions will be on August 5, 2019.

Written by:
The Tapdesk Engineering Team