Fully interconnected
features for seamless use


Start with finding the right leads

Tapdesk provides an elaborate search engine for finding leads and top influencers for your business and products. By providing four different ways to search, Tapdesk provides an unlimited way to find customers and clients most relevant to your business. You can search for businesses and individuals, or simply enter a keyword for all related leads.

Tapdesk AI performs additional tasks and preliminary selections to ensure that the results you get are current and highly relevant.

Search features a set of filters necessary for setting restrictions for your results. You can specify the country for your leads, categorize them, include or exclude specific keywords or limit to just a particular role or company. These filters ensure that the customers you end up with meet your needs and requirements.

Search history keeps track of all your search and search results. By eliminating possible repetitions, Tapdesk search saves you time and makes it convenient to restart wherever you left off. Simply click on a history to either load or delete the history. This enables your capability of switching across different features without losing track.

When a search is requested, Tapdesk AI analyzes the search query and finds thousands of leads that match the search criteria. This process is then followed by selective filtering that ensures that every lead found is relevant to your business. A machine learning algorithm examines the results to determine high priority leads. The result - a preselected pool of leads in less than 3.2 seconds.

Search also allows you to quickly add your results to pipelines and do a lot more.

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Manage Leads and get deals closed

Pipelines provides an organized library for managing your sales process. Our pipeline design is entirely based on marketing principles and proven sales concepts. The pipeline list view displays at a glance all pipelines in your account. For organizations, the pipelines are sorted into different categories - active, archived, shared, and deleted.

Each pipeline card in the list view displays important attributes of the pipeline including its value, number of closed and open deal and total deals in the pipeline.

Pipeline detail view is equipped with the tools to manage deals and leads from the start of their inclusion in a pipeline to their conclusion. The detailed view consists of columns representing different stages in the sales process. Deal can be easily dragged and dropped from one column to another as they advance through stages in the process. The detail view is easily personalizable to meet your needs. You can change column titles, add new columns and delete unwanted columns. Every single deal in the column includes the client name and a few personal details about them making it easy to identify them at a glance.

A deal detail view is displayed when a deal in a pipeline is clicked. It houses all the information about the deal including its participants. In addition, it provides interactive tools that help drive deals to a close. You can add notes about a deal, create and schedule activities for a deal, add files and send and recieve emails from the client directly from the deal view. Most importantly, you can add attributes to the deal, including deadlines and statuses. Deal flow keeps track of all activities of a deal, making it easy to see where a deal has been and determining where it will go next.

Activities are a major part of a deal and play a huge role in driving it to a close. Easily schedule calls, meetings, tasks, deadlines, and other activities necessary for a deal. Tapdesk keeps track of all your activities, reminds you about them and ensures you stay on top of what matters. Tapdesk AI coordinates activities between you and your clients, sends reminders when necessary and actively makes sure that both parties are always on the same page at all times.

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Save clients and communicate
easily with them

Contacts provides a very efficient way for managing your clients and contacts while eliminating the need for a secondary contact manager. Contacts are arranged alphabetically, easily searchable and include personal and important details about the people that matter most to your business. You can easily add a contact to a pipeline, create, schedule, and share activities with them, or broadcast an email campaign to all your clients.

Contacts makes it easy for you to reach your clients in a single click.

In addition to adding contacts through search, you can easily add your personal contacts to Tapdesk to make your client list as robust as possible. Offline leads and client acquired outside of tapdesk can be added easily. You can also import contacts from other sources and applications. Tapdesk provides a way to correctly sync your contacts across different applications, making it easy to start a marketing process with everyone in your already-existing contact lists.

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Admin Tools

Control and Monitor your workspace

For accounts with multiple users, Tapdesk is equipped to help you manage your workspace effortlessly. From adding users to managing the resources in your company, you remain in control and maximize the productivity of the users in your workspace. tapdesk AI is heavily integrated with these tools to automate processes and raise effectiveness. This means that conference rooms in your business can be scheduled without conflicts by different teams, and inks for your printers will be ordered before they run out. You can set permissions in your workspace, view personalized reports, and set priorities on what matters most.

Tapdesk provides you with tools to manage your users. You can easily invite users to your workspace using their email. When they join, you can change their roles, permissions, and perform admin-level actions on the user, including suspension and deletion. Tapdesk also provides an elegant way to manage your employees information. You can add contact information, roles, office locations, and employee IDs. This provides a single interface for managing your users and their data as well.

Teams unlock new ways to collaborate in Tapdesk. You can create teams with any number of users. This allows you to share data, send emails, and make schedules with an entire team without repeating the process for every single user. A simple click informs your entire marketing division of a new product you are scouting. Teams provide tools for managing different groups and performing admin actions. You can add users, change team admin, and apply permissions and restrictions specific to a particular team. The goal is to provide a unique way to do more with the people that bring value to your business.

Admin tools provides you with the ability to manage your company's profile and stay compliant with Tapdesk's rules. It maintains a point of contact for your company, holds compliance documents, and ability to change communication preferences. When your business or sales process is modified, Tapdesk will always adapt easily and quickly to your changes.

Billing manages your invoices, payments, subscriptions, and payment methods. You can easily upgrade or downgrade to different subscriptions, request a quote, pay outstanding balances, add unlimited payment methods, stay up to date with your transactions, and view monthly or annual statements of your Tapdask usage. In all, there is total transparency in how much you spend and the value you get.

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Calendar and Scheduler

Schedule and manage events. Like a pro.

Schedule calls, demos, and meetings with your prospects without back and forth emails. Manage events in your calendar like a pro.

Third Party Apps

Apps you use. Integrated
easily and smoothly

Tapdesk is built to allow integrations from different applications you use or intend to use. This allows Tapdesk to import data from third-party applications, share or sync data with them, and extend the capabilities of your workspace by combining our technology with the functions of external applications. All available applications can be accessed through the Tapdesk App Center and easily installed on your workspace with a single click.

Tapdesk AI

Tapdesk is powered by a proprietary AI. Our ML Algorithms make sense of your sales data and improve productivity and efficiency for your business. See how Tapdesk AI can improve your business.