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Tapdesk CRM is designed to organize your workspace, manage your customers in the most efficient and effective way. It helps you communicate easily with your customers and provides valuable insights that will take your business to the next level.

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Finding the right leads

Searching for leads in Tapdesk is pretty simple. You enter a few keywords related to your search. Our super intelligent AI finds individuals or businesses matching your search. It goes a bit further to perform additional tasks to preliminary selections to ensure that the final results you get are current and highly relevant to your business.

  • Easy navigation saves time and increases productivity.

  • Search history keeps track of all your searches and search results.

  • Quickly add your results to pipelines, contacts, and do so much more.

  • Discover Decision Makers Search is a breakthrough feature that finds relevant decision makers in an organization.

Managing leads
in your sales process

Being organized helps you improve the quality of work that you do and meet deadlines consistently. Tapdesk pipelines shows you where a deal has been and provide you with tools to determine where it goes next. It’s designed to enhance your efficiency in your workplace.

  • Keep track of your entire sales pipeline cycle. From prospection to negotiations and finally the close

  • Customize your pipeline to suit your specific sales process.

  • Deal flow lets you keep track of every interraction that has occurred in a deal.

  • Share your pipelines with team members in your workspace and collaborate effortlessly.

Contacts management

Contacts provides a very efficient way for managing your clients and contacts while eliminating the need for a secondary contact manager. You can easily segment them into groups and perform even more robust actions specific to a group of customers in your database.

  • Easily import and export contacts in and out of your CRM.

  • Contact profiles has all the important details you need about your customers.

  • You can build contact groups within the CRM or simply import them to categorize your customers accordingly.

  • Easily add contacts to Pipelines, contact groups, and even create reminder to let you know when to reach out to them.

Create and send
stunning email campaigns

Communicating with your amazing customers is very important and Tapdesk Campaigns makes this process easy and effective so you can get most out of it. Real time analytics helps you make data-driven decisions for your business easily.

  • Reach all your customers through personalized email campaigns.

  • Get real-time performance data on your email campaigns at all times.

  • Choose from a wide selection of visually stunning email templates to create beautiful email campaigns

  • Automatically schedule when email campaigns should be sent out to your email list without worries.

Why choose


  • All your important features in a single platform keeps you focused at all times.

  • Features work seamlessly with each other and with your business data to accomplish more.

  • Your data is privately secured in one platform. You control your data, and no third party can access it.

  • A one stop shop means you dont have to worry about multiple subscriptions and the hassle of using different services

User friendly

  • Easy navigation saves time and increases productivity.

  • Super intuitive design is straight forward and shortens learning curve.

  • Quick and easy setup allows you to start using Tapdesk as soon as you signup.

  • Easily import the data you need from your current platforms, including current data base stored in files.

Easy adoption and flexibility

  • Ability to personalize your Tapdesk experience to suit business needs.

  • Quick and easy on-boarding process puts you in control of all your data.

  • Easily scale your workspace as your business grows. Tapdesk robustly handles your workload.

  • Tapdesk ensures seamless transition from your old system to your new one.

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Hear from our satisfied users

The first thing I noticed when I started using Tapdesk is how easy it is to navigate the entire platform. It has the important features that I use for my everyday work and I loved that. I don’t have to worry about integrating several apps which is a pain for me. It also has the best pipeline feature I’ve ever used and the campaigns feature is really great for my marketing needs as well. Great Software.

Micheal Agu

Florida Institute of Technology

I strongly recommend Tapdesk as a CRM for any business owner. The application itself is seamlessly designed and very user friendly. The Tapdesk support team is extremely professional and quick to respond to any queries and concerns. TransAfrican Investment Group is looking forward to the upcoming AI automation and flow feature that Tapdesk will be rolling out in the near future!

Constantine T. Chikosi

TransAfrican Investment Group

As a sales manager, investing in my team by providing them with resources that lets them do their best work is my top priority. By incorporating Tapdesk in our core sales process, we have seen growth in sales activity beyond our previous performances. Using Tapdesk has allowed my team to be more organized and plan properly. By giving them an incredible tool like Tapdesk, we give them the possibility to close more deals, twice as fast.

Em Subocz

Vilinox Limited

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