Your dashboard shows your current stats and helps you keep track of three main things

Tasks helps you keep track of what’s important all the time

Reminders ensures you don't miss important activities and keeps you up to date

Recent search helps you pick up where you left off


When our AI receives your search query, it analyzes it and finds the matching leads.

Because it's designed to be super intelligent, it goes one step further and selects the leads that are most relevant to your business or product, then tags them based on priority.

With the right leads served to you, you can now add them to your pipelines, your contacts, and do so much more

Pipelines helps you manage your deals from inception to closure. It’s simple and easy to use

Each column in your pipeline represents a stage in your deal process. Simply drag deals from one column to the next to change their stage

Pipelines lets you do so much more.

You can schedule activities related to your client. Send an email to them, add files related to the deal, and even take notes during a meeting or a call with the client. Most importantly, it organizes all your activities in a pristine manner.

Your contacts are managed right here in Tapdesk. You can easily add them to your pipeline, send them emails, or even share your calendar with them

My Contacts

Your calendar keeps track of your activities Tapdesk AI is trained to handle calendar activities preventing event collisions and task double booking. It does so much more.

When you're ready to schedule your next call with your client. Tapdesk AI will send your schedule to them, they pick the time and it creates everything you need.

It reminds you of the schedule and during your call or meeting assists you by ensuring you have everything you need to close the deal.

Informing your contacts about new exciting products is easy through a campaign. Campaigns lets you reach your contacts and leads in your product pipelines through email marketing.

Tapdesk provides you with the tools to edit responsive emails that truly convert and engage your customers.

Campaign Analytics allows you to see how your campaign is doing, and how your customers are engaging with your business. Campaigns ensure you reach the right audiences.


Great data in your hands for the best business decisions you could make.

A lot goes on in Tapdesk as the software works hard to provide a high level of efficiency and productivity that drives results for your business.

Flows and Tapdesk Automation ensures that nothing falls through the cracks and assists you in running tasks that help drive deals to a close.

Rather than perform the repetitive tasks yourself, Tapdesk AI creates a flow that takes control of different processes in your business cycle. This gives you more time for that meeting or calls with your clients.

The Flows feature leverages the massive computing power of Tapdesk AI to drive your sales cycle in full autopilot mode.

Ready to close a deal?
The invoicing features make it easy for you to create and send invoices to your customers. It makes it even easier for them to pay you with just a single click


At the end of the day, you can view your analytics, see how well you performed. Most importantly, Tapdesk AI analyzes your performance data, help you keep track of your goals while ensuring you have all the tools necessary to achieve them.

And if you are an admin, you can see how well your entire team performed for the day, the week, month, even years. Its data that makes sense.

Admin tools lets you do so much more: manage users, team, company profiles, billing, manage resources, integrate apps, and manage permissions

Now, take Tapdesk for a spin.

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