New Notes and Contacts Updates. More Productivity


Over the past few weeks, our engineering team has been working really hard to introduce features that will make Tapdesk CRM more convenient to accomplish quick tasks. Today, we are introducing two new fresh features that are aimed at that goal. These features will revitalize your marketing strategy. A whole new way to work with contacts (especially as a product manager) and a very efficient way to use and reuse notes.

Import and export contacts/leads

Now, when you navigate to the contacts view, you should see two new specialized icons next to the Add Contact button for importing and exporting bulk contacts. This allows you to import all your leads in a local file into Tapdesk with just a few clicks. To import contacts, click the import icon to launch the import modal. Drag excel or CSV files containing your startup leads into the file field. You can also upload files by clicking the select from your computer link. This launches the file browser and allows you to select the files with leads that you need to upload. This is what makes Tapdesk a great product.

Tapdesk import and export contacts icons

Import and Export
Contacts. Easily!

The import and export icons allows you to bring in external leads into Tapdesk or export them from Tapdesk conveniently.

The imported files must be excel files or CSV files with .csv extension. The column names must match the fields needed to add contacts. The fields allowed in the imported files include first name, last name, email, address, phone number, LinkedIn profile (social media information), and contact notes. The name of the fields must match exactly to the name of the fields. First and last name are the only required fields and all leads in your file must have them. You can also combine the first and last name columns into a single column called name. It is important to adhere to the file format policy in order to ensure all leads are imported accurately. This may take a little bit of hard work at the beginning but you will get the hang of it after a while.

You can now also export your contacts. By default, the exported contacts will be downloaded as an excel file. To export contacts, click the export icon to launch the export modal. The export modal allows you to select the contacts you wish to export. To export all contact, check the mark all box to select all your contacts. When done, click the export selected button to download an excel file containing all the contacts (and their information) that you just exported.

Note Templates. Reuse notes in just one click

We are also introducing a new feature that will change the way you work with notes. Whether it's a first time meeting or a follow-up, we understand Tapdesk notes is a very important aspect of deal management and the metrics tracking process. For this reason, we are making it easier to reuse your notes across Tapdesk with the new Note Templates features. Note templates allow you to save notes, maybe from a stakeholder meeting, important information on a landing page or a lead conversion contact. No matter your notes, the information can be saved as templates and simply import them into other notes whenever you need them. You do not need to spend minutes finding the deal with the right note and then performing a series of copy and paste. Now, you simply click a button and your note is populated with the new template. Yes, it’s that quick and easy.

Tapdesk note templates icon

Note templates. Easy
way to reuse notes.

Notes now features a templates icon that allow you to save, create, manage, and reuse note templates across Tapdesk.

Starting today, you will see a new icon appear in all notes area - the note template icon. This gives you all the functionality you need to take advantage of the new feature. Clicking the icon launches a dropdown with three options: Import a template, Manage templates and Create a template. Import a template launches a modal with all your saved templates. Select a template and click the import button to add the template into the current note. Clicking the import button populates the note with template content starting from the current position of the cursor in the note.

Tapdesk manage note templates view

Note templates. Edit,
share, and manage.

One powerful screen with all your note templates and every tool you need to manage them. And even create new ones.

Manage template launches a screen that gives you the ability to create new templates, or edit, share and delete already saved templates. To create a new template in the manage template view, click the create new button (plus button) in the bottom right corner of the screen to launch the create new template modal. Add the template title and description in the appropriate fields, type in the note in the template detail section and click create. Thumbs up! You just created a new template and you can use it or share it with your colleagues anytime. The three dots icon on your templates in the manage templates view gives you the ability to edit the template, share it with product managers in your workspace, or remove (delete) it from your workspace.

Deleting a template will not remove it from the notes you have added them to.

Typing a note and all of a sudden feel like you may need to reuse it often,especially when it is important information like your potential customers market needs or expectations. You can easily turn the notes that you take into a template. To turn a currently typed note into a template, click the note template icon and select the create new template button in the drop-down menu. This launches the create new template modal. Enter the template title and description and click save. The current instance of your note will be saved as a template and you can reuse it anywhere on Tapdesk.

Duplicate template names are not allowed. Each template must be saved with a unique name.

Congratulations! You're now a master of our new features.

And, thanks to our awesome users at RRPartners for inspiring our engineering team with their feature requests.

Pro Tips. From our engineering team.

  • Clear your cache if you have any problems using the new features. To learn more about clearing your browser cache, check out this Kinsta knowledge base article here. It provides step by step instructions on how to clear your cache on all major and popular browsers.
  • If you are a small business owner, or even run a large corporation and have any questions on how to use the features or experience issues using the features, you can contact our support team either online or offline by submitting a support ticket from the support page in Tapdesk.
Note templates and contacts export and import features will be available to Tapdesk users in the US, Canada, and the UK starting today. General availability in all other regions will be on June 21, 2019.

Written by:
The Tapdesk Engineering Team