Nine Ways Intelligent CRM is Essential for any Business


Customer communication is at the heart of any small business, evolving over time through the latest technologies developed. In our presently uber-connected business world, customers now expect seamless, smart streams of contact anytime and anywhere -- while also highly customized to their individual market needs.

As the late, legendary co-founder and CEO of Southwest Airlines Herb Kelleher aptly said, “The business of business is people.” He also famously believed in a culture of treating all people well, starting with his own employees: “Your people come first, and if you treat them right, they’ll treat the customers right;” “You have to treat your employees like customers.” To this day, Southwest airlines lives, breathes and practices their people-first cultural mantra, aided no doubt by smart, connected customer care systems at the center of their daily operations.

Companies mastering the real-time flow of communications efficiently between employees and customers significantly elevate themselves by fully leveraging a CRM system, helping them better prove themselves in potential customers’ eyes time and time again while quickly reaping increased business results. Tapdesk’s CRM system even goes light-years beyond, unleashing incredibly intuitive, proprietary cloud-based machine learning A.I. Truly, a virtual CRM technology that actually does more thinking automatically for its users. Tapdesk is simple, yet powerfully designed to be laser-focused on the most relevant business leads.

What is CRM?

What exactly is a CRM system these days, and what does it stand for? The term “CRM” is an acronym for “Customer Relationship Management,” and it’s essentially a customer-centric, digital information system designed to intelligently centralize, organize, and optimize a company’s customer and sales business information; aiming to produce the most actionable marketing strategy while simultaneously building a more loyal, repeatable business clientele. Today’s best CRM systems logically exist everywhere through the cloud, and are accessible to any approved user anytime and anywhere: simply and securely just by internet access.

The benefits gleaned from organizing any enterprise goals and purpose around the most innovative of cloud CRM systems, such as Tapdesk’s own innovative technology, are easily tangible. There’s now also a wealth trove of historical ROI data, proving its might during the last 20+ years of CRM system evolution. Here are the 9 of the most crucial, positive CRM impacts practically any business can (and should) be taking advantage of today:

1. Centralized information about your most valuable resource: your customers.

The impact of CRM systems is now crystal clear: industry surveys and analysis show 30% average lifts in sales and productivity across key performance indicators and outcomes, and a rising average ROI of $5 - $8 for every dollar invested into CRM technology or operations. The growing, billion-dollar CRM industry is solid proof that almost any business can greatly profit from its adoption; for anyone ranging from small or medium, all the way up to enterprise-level firms. MarketWatch and MarketResearchFuture both forecast the global CRM market size to reach well over $35 billion USD by the year 2023; with GetCRM and SeekingAlpha actually estimating the total CRM market potential at $82 billion by 2024 and $228 billion by 2034, assuming a sustained 12% current rate of growth.

CRM systems enable firms to deliver relevant customer communication frequently at the most optimal time intervals. They promote better employee collaboration, and in general, exponentially multiply more positive business productivity, product management, bottom-line sales, and revenue results. In other words: an even greater corporate potential both culturally and financially. CRM systems are literally designed to occupy the information center of any company, and become the information roadmap-and profitability dynamo- for every client-centered revenue-driven group out there.

2. Access to key sales information faster - Time is money.

A CRM system expertly organizes all sales data for a SaaS company, making it both relevant and accessible for all its supporting teams exactly when they need. A good CRM system brings actionable customer information to the forefront, helping sales teams better manage their time and achieve higher results faster, plus revealing even more highly visible prospecting activity while giving higher access to leads viewable at all management levels. When it comes to customer sales, hard work, follow up, loyalty, and ongoing communications, a sharply tuned Customer Relationship Management system provides the best way for internal teams to work together and keep customer positive reviews - the building blocks and lifeblood of any customer-centric company’s growth plan.

Tapdesk search

Tapdesk search,
Get leads faster.

The search genius in Tapdesk lets you find relevant leads for your business in less than 3 seconds. Save time and skip lead prospecting.

Tapdesk intuitively finds the key leads and industry influencers for a business, expertly doing the heavy lifting so that sales teams can get right to work - prospecting, communicating, and closing, while setting up the next follow-ups. Tapdesk sets the stage for sales and management to fully leverage the customer relationship and acquire the right customers for the best solution sales. Search genius from Tapdesk gives back 90% of your company’s most expensive asset: your sales team’s time, helping them focus on great pricing, closing higher value leads faster and with higher frequency.

3. Individual, efficient personalization for customer needs and styles.

A CRM system stores granular information on the customer level, allowing for astronomically more tailored sales and marketing communication for each and every lead prospect, new customer, and repeat customer over time - on both the individual contact and collective company level. Whether a sales rep picks up the phone or a marketing coordinator sends out a mass message on a social media platform like Linkedin, message relevance is key to engaging customer loyalty for the long term.

In fact, research firm Gartner found that more than one-third of customers said they’d turn elsewhere if needed for better personalized brand interactions. With Tapdesk’s fully automated smart CRM system, client follow-ups happen in a highly effective timely manner, leaving ample time for added sales, marketing, and management productive activities. Tapdesk’s highly customizable information features at key points of the sales pipeline process ensure that communication is drilled down and personal to every client and stage in the successful startup journey.

4. Accessibility to anyone in your company, anytime.

Cloud CRM systems help team members access the most updated relevant client sales data anywhere in the field, simply via internet access. This helps sales teams more efficiently cover much bigger geographic regions and time zones, either remotely or in person, with the same high quality updated client information and sales resources enjoyed at the corporate office level. With on-demand access to resources anywhere through cloud computing, Tapdesk offers businesses the ability to take the work anywhere with cost savings, scalability and zero downtime.

Deploying updated sales resources and marketing communication is easier and seamless across diverse locations using Tapdesk’s highly advanced CRM features in the cloud. Tapdesk supports on-demand work resources interconnected in the cloud, giving businesses huge scalability, savings, and uptime. It helps small business owners define their product market fit. The deals literally go anywhere the sales team goes, freeing them to achieve more and focus on their goals ahead.

5. Bottom-line sales performance: “Coffee's for closers!”

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t track it.” A popular quote among sales managers for some time now; and many sales managers would go further and state that if you can’t track it, you also can’t close it. CRM systems organize the highest value prospecting lists first, helping sales teams keenly cut straight to their top leads, effectively drilling their focus for the highest return on leads faster.

Sales training modules, information or tips, and tricks sections can potentially also be embedded intuitively into the CRM contact or company data records, helping sales execs further automate and boost their performance learning and sales closing success rates. Tapdesk can cut lead search times by up to 90%, giving sales pros more time to focus on closing deals and following up with top clients and activities.

Tapdesk helps track detailed sales activity leading all the way up to closing a deal. Tapdesk’s key advantage here is the intuitive deep-learning algorithms embedded right in the workflow areas of pipeline management, sales flow, and deal closing. Working smarter has always been the modern sales pros’ motto, and the advanced Tapdesk A.I. capabilities make it a reality for a long time coming.

Tapdesk pipelines

Tapdesk pipelines,
Close deals faster.

Pipelines gives you the tools you need to track prospects and manage your sales process ensuring you close deals in half the time.

Monitoring pipelines become a fully automated effort with Tapdesk, providing timely client and stakeholder follow-ups and more efficient sales productivity. Clearly defined pipeline lists, segments and cards provide actionable information and statistics, making pipeline management a much more effective and profitable part of the sales process. Drag and drop, easy sales flow management simplify complex data navigation across sales stages, deals, and processes in the pipeline. Personalization and customization feature inside Tapdesk also make anyone’s sales flow much easier to use in their daily activity. Finally but not least, detailed deal views offer sales process knowledge tied with next-step functions to make deal-closing almost automatic. Almost.

6. Closed-loop, instant performance data feedback for continuous improvement.

Robust, meaningful CRM sales performance reporting at any level in the organization gives managers the ability to continually set and measure goal attainment within a team or company. The constant flow of updated performance data serves as the strongest measuring stick to gauge efforts or quickly re-adjust efforts, both on the go or at specific sales interval milestones like weekly roundups, monthly quotas, quarterly meetings, or annual reports. Tapdesk analytics also provide new ways to get data insights and visualize them to gain a better sense of outcomes.

Tapdesk’s data advantage is putting more advanced analytics into sales and management users’ hands - for enhanced real-time decisions that hit hard on targets, lifting the bottom line. Tapdesk’s business analysis tools are specifically designed for everyone’s better understanding and data results reasoning, to drive sales while making course corrections and adjustments in the viable product sales process at any time.

7. Connect all business departments and data for unparalleled support.

CRM systems, especially in the cloud, connect the customer activities of every department in a company, making sales support interactions transparent and accessible, and helping the sales department in better achieving their goals faster. The goals and activities of different groups with similar functions can be aligned and synergized across hallways or nations, with different teams able to view real-time, accurate client information just with the push of a button. CRM systems enable a company to truly work together in providing a scalable, copacetic, world-class level of client support; unparalleled customer service metrics and customer experience journeys.

Tapdesk comes equipped with highly advanced features that literally any and every team at a company can use to drive sales home. From contacts to campaigns that will go straight to your homepage, calendars, notes, reporting, invoicing, and app integration, Tapdesk CRM becomes the key home portal for the entire success-driven company.

8. Smart business information: learning machine systems do more.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are now also adding the newest level of CRM value for sales teams and companies. Built-in decision systems help sales and management insights for faster actionable customers and messages. Automation of some reporting functions and downstream decisions enable faster sales results and increased learnings. Tapdesk AI finds relevant leads faster and more reliably within a business or niche using powerful machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

Tapdesk is powered by its proprietary Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning algorithms that sort through sales data looking to improve the productivity and efficiency of businesses. Your CRM should be doing a lot more of the thinking for you nowadays. If it’s not, sign up, give us a shoutout or check out our pricing to explore how Tapdesk CRM will greatly benefit your group.

9. Built to integrate with popular business apps.

Now, CRM systems are even built to incorporate social media and applications, opening a wider scope of integrated client connections and relevance - online and offline. Application, location, market and news data are all able to integrate and interact to enhance the client experience journey in relevance to sales and marketing communication.

A flexible, scalable app integration feature like Tapdesk’s ensures a CRM system can grow and evolve on the web along with the most popular used communication apps. Tapdesk CRM is designed to integrate with and leverage information with top business apps like LinkedIn, GSuite, Intuit, Slack and Zoom. There’s never been a better time to own and share the customer experience journey, propelled alongside the information sphere of the most popular, usable business and social apps out there.

The goal of any good CRM system has always been to make sales and customer information extremely accessible, user-friendly, and now more than ever also intuitive, thinking and automated - enabling a smarter ongoing conversation aimed at building the strongest trust, confidence, and longevity in a mutually beneficial client partnership. Tapdesk is the latest advancement in dynamic, deep learning A.I. CRM that goes to work for your sales teams, automates incredibly customized contact with your key accounts and overall elevates your entire process into a super closer mode. Trust us: if you’re not communicating with your prospects and customers faster, better and more personally, don’t worry - someone else will.

Written by:
L. R. Fernandez
Content Creator for Tapdesk