10 Things Companies Should Consider Before Investing in CRM


Katherine Barchetti’s popular saying, “Make a customer, not a sale,” brings to light the fact that customers are the soul of a startup. While a single sale can keep a company afloat for a single quarter, a loyal customer can drive the momentum of the company for years to come. Customers are what define a successful startup and consequently, a booming business. Hence, investing in the right tools and processes that help build customer relations can mean the difference between a healthy growth rate and a bad one. That’s one of the reasons why Tapdesk stands out among other CRM software. With this tool in your business, the growth metrics and survival of your customer base is guaranteed.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and is defined as the management of a company's interaction with its current and potential customers. The process makes use of data analysis and information about the customers' history with a company to improve small business relationships with its customers, which in turn improves the customer retention and ultimately increases its sales growth according to the increase in market needs.

On this side of the world, there are companies that are totally devoted to helping your company achieve a highly effective CRM system – the chief of them is Tapdesk.

Tapdesk CRM Software

Tapdesk, in our own words, is the world’s most advanced all-in-one CRM and lead search genius. Tapdesk provides the most advanced tech-based CRM software and search system ever known. With an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled search system, Tapdesk achieves more in less time.

The Tapdesk AI search system can rightly be called a “genius” due to its incorporation of deep learning algorithms and machine learning in order to improve productivity and efficiency, which has a positive impact on your marketing strategy. Tapdesk uses cloud computing in order to grant access to users anywhere and at any time in the world. With its pipeline filter, it effectively sorts out the relevant leads needed to take your first time company to the next level. In short, “we do the hard work for you, so you don’t have to.”

Investing in CRM is a step that requires critical assessment. No one invests without proper research into whatever he wants to invest in. It becomes necessary that you and your company are properly equipped with all that you need for taking that big CRM investment step.You should start by having the right product market fit. The questions which should be asked: Why do we need a CRM Software? Who is in charge of my company’s data? Is it easy to maintain? What is the pricing burden? These, amongst many others, should be put into consideration.

The Business Solution Team at Tapdesk has brought together ten (10) basic requirements that every company should consider before investing into CRM. Grab a drink, grab a notepad! Make sure to read this till the end!!

1. Understand your business needs

Before thinking of investing in CRM, take an internal survey on your company and point out places where you have been lagging in customer relations and coordination of customer information. This is because CRM software helps in improving such issues, amongst a host of other functionalities.

Every business is unique in its own way. Find out, first, how CRM can help your business achieve utmost efficiency regardless of its uniqueness. Find out whether there are any positive reviews for the services that you already offer and suggestions to improve them. You must find out how the implementation of CRM software and systems can help in the optimization of your business effectiveness. Tapdesk designed its software to suit any kind of stakeholder, entrepreneur and business structure. It is built with the intention to achieve flexible incorporation in businesses.

2. Familiarity with your industry

Nothing spells bliss for a company than working with a vendor that is already involved in service provision for the technical needs of their industry. A vendor with a good local partner network has a tendency to provide great products and services than one with little or no idea about how the company's industry is run.

Most companies prefer vendors who already have a working experience with similar companies as theirs. It makes relation to them a lot easier and saves the time invested in running through the basics of the industry.

3. Easy system integration

Before investing in CRM of any vendor, consider if the system or software being offered can synergize with your company's existing system. Consider where your company hosts its data and how it will be made accessible to the vendor.

Some vendors produce CRM software that requires other systems in order to function effectively. In this case, the problem of integration is expanded to include the additional software, which can create transient integration issues with your existing system. One must choose a CRM which has better integration policies and abilities. This simply means that the software must be able to work with other software; either those already existing in the companies' technical department, or other ones created by various software developers and service providers.

4. Flexibility for customization

Choosing a perfect CRM system is not an easy task, however, it is a price one has to pay for achieving maximum product development success and business success. Before you host your customers' data with a CRM software vendor, another one of the major factors that must be put into critical consideration is the ability to bend such system(s) to suit your company's unique needs.

There is no good use in purchasing an expensive service system that would not provide optimal satisfaction for both the company and vendor. This is because most CRM software can be quite technical and cumbersome to understand. Some have quite complex UI (user interface), hereby, making it a discouraging tool for company workers to apply or implement.

Before investing in that CRM software or system, ask cogent questions. Inquire if proper training would be given to your employees in order to enable them to maximize the benefits of the system. This will boost the morale of employees by placing usability first.

Here at Tapdesk, we have designed our software to be as simple and efficient as possible to avoid complexities and reduce the barrier to adoption. With an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface, it is designed to accommodate users with little or no knowledge of technical computational software skills.

Tapdesk is customizable through admin tools

Customizable, usable,
flexible, & adoptable

From managing your users to setting permissions in your workspace and managing your resources, Tapdesk CRM is designed to be easily customizable to meet your business needs.

5. User-friendly experience

A good software ought to offer remarkable user experience for any business owner. In the search of a good CRM system to host your business customers, consider how long it takes to operate it, how long it takes to process your data, and do some other tasks on the software or system alike. All these would help you determine if this system would actually reduce or increase the time spent on work. When a software possesses very complex UI and requires many clicks and tabs to get a simple task done, you should start thinking about opting for a better and more time efficient system.

Tapdesk provides great results in the shortest time. With an AI and deep learning enabled software, you can assess a wide range of leads and coordinate your data in our system pipeline without sacrificing your product management efforts.

6. Free trial

Imagine walking into a supermarket or a mall, then you stumble upon a pair of shoes which caught your attention. On your attempt to try them on to see if they suit you, you were stopped by the mall attendant who explains the mall’s new policy: "NO SHOE TESTING BEFORE PURCHASE!". Would you still purchase the shoes?

Software vendors who refuse to provide a free trial of their system have no confidence in their system’s ability to work outside a controlled and isolated demo environment. Ideally, you will want to know whether you are subscribing to a good product or bad product. No purchasing decision should ever be made without first using the CRM in your own environment.

Tapdesk offers you free demo samples and free test drive before subscription. It provides you an avenue to access the software and system before investing in it. To request a free trial, please fill out the provided free trial request form.

7. Pricing and cost

Although money should not determine what we invest in and what we do not, we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that it is possible to get something of great quality and effectiveness at a rather modest price.

The cost of a thing is said to be equivalent to its value. Investment into a CRM system requires critical ratification of quality and reliability. Once you can attest to the credibility of a system or software, then the pricing should not be a problem. As much as possible, the company's budget must be considered before the subscription.

Tapdesk offers high-quality and efficient services at a moderate price. To find out more about the pricing system of Tapdesk software services please follow here.

8. Vendor's reputation

Beyond the software is the competence of the maker. One of the things that must be considered is the historical success of a vendor and the software. Check what other companies have said about them, check out their past history and take into consideration any complaint that has been recorded about their system.

Also consider the longevity of the vendor's existence as this goes hand in hand with their track record of successful hostings. Day by day, many CRM sites and vendors show up, and it becomes more than necessary to ensure the safety of your customer's data and information. Tapdesk has proven competence amongst other vendors. With its 21st century digital approach to Customer Relationship Management, it has placed itself as one of the most reliable vendors of CRM software.

Tapdesk CRM in numbers

Tapdesk CRM.
In numbers.

With outstanding 98.7% customer satisfaction and an unmatched speed, customer support and almost no server down time, Tapdesk CRM is built to support your business. Anywhere. Anytime.

9. Data ownership

In a case where a company hosts its customers' information on a vendor’s site, what happens to the data in the event of a crash? Who owns the data? Would the customer be able to retrieve their data or would the vendor be able to claim it as a part of its system information? These are some of the many technicalities that come up during the process of data hostings with external vendors and servers.

Primarily, a company owns its data. However, part of this data will also be stored on the vendor’s servers. It is important to establish how any data breaches will be handled by the vendor. Tapdesk provides a highly secure web-based environment for the hosting data from its customers and clients. With its highly efficient system and a dedication to privacy, Tapdesk will ensure that your data is kept safe and secure.

10. Data support system

A good CRM vendor, like Tapdesk, must be able to provide a good support system for its customers in a case of data loss and missing information. Before selecting a vendor to host your site, check out their provisions for support and assistance in any way clients might require it. Tapdesk offers good support for clients. Take a quick look at the Tapdesk support page.

Before investing in CRM software and systems, these factors should be considered. Are you ready to take another step towards business growth and achieve optimum customer satisfaction? Why not sign up with Tapdesk CRM services and let us take your company to the next level?

The market is getting more competitive day by day, you need the best tools, handled by the best people, to achieve the best results. That's why Tapdesk is here!

Written by:
Rose Cassidy
Content Creator for Tapdesk