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A CRM that generates leads for your business

Search Genius. Powered by AI

Artificial intelligence is defining the future and is at the core of Tapdesk. With powerful machine learning and deep learning algorithms, Tapdesk is designed to find leads that are relevant to your business and current in your niche. A complex process involving several computational steps, Tapdesk AI is engineered to make it both reliable and fast. This experience is quite incredible, we simply call it genius.

The goal of the search genius is simple - to improve productivity and efficiency while reducing loss rate.

Right Leads. More Deals Closed

Customer relationships begin with acquiring the right customers for your product and showing them how you provide the best solution. Tapdesk helps you do this by finding the right leads and most importantly the industry influencers. We completely cut out your lead research time by 90%. As little as 3 seconds our search genius provides you with a pool of leads allowing your closing ratio to significantly skyrocket.

Put simply, we designed Tapdesk to do the hard work for you, so you don't have to.

Pipelines. Organize Leads Efficiently
and Monitor Productively

Every single step of your sales process is important and that is why Tapdesk has made it possible for you to monitor every detail about your sales activity leading to the close of a deal. With our new fully automated system, Tapdesk follows up with your clients in a timely manner providing you with ample time for more productivity.

Tapdesk is an all in one system that simply gets more done; efficiently and effectively.

We designed Tapdesk based on outstanding sales pipeline management concepts. The first view is the pipeline list. It clearly shows you your active pipelines and archived pipelines. At a glance, each pipeline card shows you important statistics and drives you to take action. Ensuring you're up to date on your sales process is our major value. This is why many sales pro and deal makers love our pipeline management interface.

Tapdesk is designed to help you navigate complex sales processes with ease. With flow management, you can easily organize deals in your pipeline while staying in control. Simple gestures like drag and drop makes it easy to move deals across different sales stages. Our strong value of personalization pushed the limits of our creativity. The result, an easy-to-use interface with the maximum degree of freedom for customization.

Every single deal is precisely managed. The deal view, while providing detailed information regarding a deal, lets you know what process a deal has passed through. It also provide you with tools that lets you determine where it will go next. From simple note taking to complex activity scheduling and file management, Tapdesk provides you with the resources you need to drive every single deal in your pipeline to a close. It a win for both you and your business.

Advanced Analytics. Data that makes sense.

With advanced analytic tools at your fingertips, you can now make real time decisions that take your business a step further to hitting your targets. Tapdesk analytics provides new ways to discover insights about all your data and visualizes it to make more sense of it. We understand that data drives your businesses and we strive to provide tools that help you understand them easily. We make it easier to understand the reasoning behind your data and results. This make it easy to apply changes and make drastic corrections to your sales process

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Cloud Computing. Work Anywhere. Anytime

The demand for immediate access to information has increased. This sole reason has driven our engineers to ensure that Tapdesk is fully cloud based with our interconnected features allowing you to work anywhere at anytime. By providing on-demand access to these resources anywhere through cloud computing, Tapdesk offers you and your business significant cost saving, operational scalability, and zero downtime. You can go anywhere your deals take you and Tapdesk will be there with you. This gives you the freedom to do more, achieve more, and focus on the goal ahead.

Equiped with Advanced Features.
Everything you need to literally drive deals to a close.





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